Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Internet Connection

Free internet is also known as the free connection of computers all around the world an ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides internet without charging for it. Available at many public places such as parks, restaurants, malls, etc. Free internet connections can ruin your privacy as well as allow people to hack into your privacy. Windstream is offering you economical deals and packages. Today Windstream will create awareness about the advantages and disadvantages of free internet connections. 

Free Internet Connection Advantages

The most exciting thing about free internet is that you can spend hours and don’t worry about paying the bill. It’s mostly offered in public places so many people can have the leisure of internet free of cost. Those who can’t afford are the ones who have the most advantage of free internet connection for looking for jobs and other personal reasons. At work, it creates a soothing environment for you to work, chill and have a cup of coffee. After all, we did learn from bill gates “The internet is becoming the time square, for the global village of tomorrow.” Allow me to list some advantages.

  1. Promoting Productivity

You must be pondering productive? But how? There’s a simple answer to this simple question; it saves money and time.  You don’t have to buy an internet connection and you don’t have to waste your time setting up your system. As they say, “the way to become rich is to save time, not money.” It also helps in increasing knowledge and competition. Kinetic Windstream offers its users a download speed of up to 1 Gbps and unlimited data access every month. The fiber-based internet connection provides satisfied wifi service to its customer all around the US states. 

  1. Crisis Helper

Once I heard “social media is to avoid emergencies” I truly understood what it meant today. Social media need s internet and what’s better than free internet? God forbid if stuck in an emergency a person can connect to their loved ones instantly with the help of the internet. Or can use social media as a platform to ask for help. That will help us to discover more about humanity still alive but in the form of social media.

  1. Helps Students

there is another place where there’s free internet; universities. Most universities these days have their internet connection open to students for help with research work and other forms of studies. Libraries also help in the same way as students these days are advanced but still need resources. It saves our time and helps us learn more online. 

Free Internet Connection Disadvantages

There are more disadvantages than enjoyment. Sometimes your security is compromised or it is too slow or too untrustworthy. There’s always a major problem and that is spam advertisement which is a form of cheating and cheating is some cybercrime. so Here are some of the disadvantages. 

  1. Security at Risk

Did you know that this can lead you to malware, viruses, hackers, Trojan, etc. if you use a free internet connection that automatically leads your IP address to become public and that’s why your privacy is sabotaged? You are also allowing cyber thieves to achieve violent crimes. This is a serious cause of malware and man-in-the-middle attacks.

  1. Poor Speed

No one likes a turtle speeded internet even though it’s free. Even if you try to compare the speed of your mobile data and free internet it’s no competition. This act is severely disliked by users as a page to be loaded in secs loads after mins. This can lower our morale level and productivity. 

  1. Risk of Scam

This can lead to unfinished work, upset customers, and most important potential loss. When we talk about scams it automatically links us to improper security of the users. If everyone uses free internet (or the majority does) the system won’t be able to hold the pressure. As a result, the system will crash leaving others in sole grief. 

Concluding Remark, 

When it comes to using an IP connection, it should be always secure, fast, and reliable. Internet is a basic need in this era of technology therefore, Windstream allows you the best internet connection at an affordable price with the very best packages. Windstream provides a voice to connections and with the most affordable prices. 

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