What Is A Sensual Massage: Getting An erotic massage

Unlike traditional “kneading,” sensual massage is far more personal. In most cases, it’s an erotic massage given from one partner to the other during or immediately after a sexual encounter. A sensual masseuse may engage their partner’s senses and provide pleasure not just with their hands but also with their tongue, lips, and other areas of their body.

Several components are used in a sensual massage and physical contact to ensure that the recipient is completely relaxed and enjoys the experience. It’s critical to create a relaxing environment before beginning this kind of massage since it necessitates that the recipient completely submits to their sensations and loosens up.

Receiving and giving erotic massage are intimate experiences, and protecting the privacy of both parties is critical. Massages at home are easy to do, but if they are done in the studio, they need to be segregated from other areas and soundproofed to create a secluded, personal environment. The strong light may impede the recipient from resting. Therefore dim lighting and candles are ideal.

Rather than exerting excessive pressure on the muscles to ease stress or discomfort, sensual massages use a softer, more delicate touch. However, although adequate training is always recommended, couples may learn to execute sensual massage on each other. The sensual massage varies from a standard one in that it also massages the erogenous zones.

All regions of the body may be touched throughout the sessions. Other body regions may also be stroked and caressed, including the breasts and the pubis for women and the genital area for males. A session’s strength comes in unlocking repressed emotions and releasing trapped feelings and energy, rather than orgasm as a primary result or reaction.

Bring Your Senses Together

Erogenous regions such as the chest and pelvis are often targeted in erotic sensual massage, which encourages couples to engage in sex following the massage. As a result, it’s a prelude to anything more sexual. With an erotic sensual massage, you may bring your spouse to the condition of sexual preparation by bringing her mind, body, and soul together.

Massage in and of itself relies heavily on the sense of touch. Still, an erotic sensual massage elevates the experience even further by using all four of the other senses. Activate your other senses to get the most out of this event.

  • Sight – To create a romantic atmosphere, lighting is essential. Set the ambiance by closing the curtains, turning out the lights, and lighting some candles. The bed will be the room’s focal point; therefore, it must be clean and organized. Your mattress must also not be overly soft.
  • Smell – Set the tone for your sexy, sensual massage with the help of aromatherapy. Essential oils are not only aphrodisiacs, but they also have a calming effect on the mind and body. Ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine and sandalwood are some of the best essential oils for this sort of event.
  • Sound – You may also want to play some calm, soothing music at this time. There is a wide variety of music to choose from to do this.
  • Taste – Before, during, and after the exercise, have something available for both of you to drink or eat.
  • Touch – Finally, learn how to do a pleasant massage. Giving your girlfriend that extra unique touch that goes beyond the senses but can be felt deep inside the body is key to making her feel good about herself.

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