Precautions To Follow Before Towing The Car

Except if it is on the body of the tow truck, the vehicle such as slide car Din Daeng (รถสไลด์ดินแดง which is the term in Thai )to be towed must continue with the emergency signal (alert flasher) activated. Headlights and flashlights must also be turned on if transport takes place at night. Otherwise, you will need to use a lighting set provided by the mechanical assistance service. Important detail: contrary to what many people imagine, using rope, cable, or other flexible elements to tow another vehicle is not prohibited since, as explained above, not every car has a place for fixing towing equipment (popularly known as a tow truck).

What cannot be done is towing without an emergency being characterized. Lack of fuel, for example, is considered negligence on the driver’s part and a medium infraction, subject to a fine and marking of four points in the driver’s record. Likewise, you cannot tow a car that does not have safety conditions (lighting, steering, and brakes, for example). Therefore, it is essential to check the vehicle owner’s manual for the way recommended by the manufacturer to transport the car in an emergency and, of course, always have the phone number of the mechanical assistance service at hand – whether that of the dealership, insurance company or a trusted company. That way you can avoid other problems.

How To Drive A Towed Car

Of course, the job of the one who is in the car that is towing is more complicated because he has to drive and guide the trailer, but the second one also has a good job in his hands. Check out some very interesting tips on how to drive a towed car. Start by turning on the ignition key so the steering does not lock and the headlights can be turned on. Use the brake very carefully to prevent the rope connecting the two vehicles from being constantly forced, which can cause serious accidents. Pay full attention to what you are doing and keep an eye on the signs that the tug driver is giving you on the road, such as the appearance of speed bumps, curves, and descents.


Towing a car such as slide-car Rama 4 (รถสไลด์พระราม,4 which is the term in Thai) is not as difficult as it seems; you need to follow our tips and, if possible, enlist the help of a professional. Take care to avoid accidents and not damage the vehicle; be patient.

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